Getting your child to do their schoolwork can be a challenge. When something is difficult it is even harder to get kids motivated to do it. However, there are a few things we can do as parents to help our children to be successful. First know that most kids and parents 😊 have struggled through homework and schoolwork. So, you are not alone.
If your child has a learning issue, it can be particularly difficult. Most people do not like what is hard or difficult. The trick here is to make schoolwork as painless as possible. Sometimes students want to rush through assignments and/or struggle with time management. Rushing through to just get it done or stalling over something that is difficult is very normal activities. It is the rare student who LOVES to do their schoolwork.
Consider making school work more interactive. For example, if your child is having a hard time with a writing assignment, have him/her talk through the assignment first to get their ideas together or act it out on what they are needing or wanting to write about. History and science are a lot more fun in story form or with interaction.
Sometimes kids struggle with time management issues or staying organized. They may struggle with breaking a large project into parts that seem doable. When looking at a large project that seems impossible is overwhelming. But by breaking it down into smaller chunks and working through it, it becomes manageable.
For students who struggle with keeping up with due dates, consider a schoolwork schedule or using a calendar to write down assignments. It is rewarding to cross off a task on a list.
For the student who drags their feet, procrastinates, or sits and looks at a paper without writing a word, use a schoolwork timer. It can give the student a sense of time and lets them know that when the bell rings it is time to get busy.
Developing good study habits is difficult. Children need to be taught how to study and how to study effectively. As children get older and become more independent learners, learning effective study habits can reduce stress and improve grades.
Some kids seem to study for hours but still have trouble retaining information. When it comes time for the test, it may seem like they haven’t done their homework. Children with this difficulty need to study using memory pegs (associate the material needing to be learned with something interesting or funny. Some students are better at remembering large chunks of information if they can learn it visually by using maps, pictures, and/or graphs.
Helping your child work through schoolwork challenges can be tricky. But in the end, you can help your child be a more independent, confident, and successful student. If your child needs help and you as the parent needs support, consider contacting us at The Learning Center so we can help.