Q- What are the benefits of getting my student a tutor?

A- The tutors at The Learning Center will work to strengthen academic skills, master new concepts, and build crucial study habits for academic success in school, which can be carried into the student’s life. Students will improve skills, build confidence and motivation from tutoring. 

Q-  How many times per week should a student attend tutoring?

A- During the school year, we typically recommend twice a week. However, during the summer we would typically recommend three or more times per week. In general, increased tutoring per week helps determine how quickly your student begins excelling in school. 

Q- Do you contact schools/teachers?

A- With your permission we can discuss your students academic needs and progress with their teachers, school personnel, and other professionals. In fact, we recommend contacting the teacher to help facilitate a mutual understanding on how to help the student. 

Q Can I meet my child’s tutor?

A- Of course! However, we have found that the best way to communicate tutoring needs is to meet with our Center’s Director or other full-time staff. Here’s the reason- the tutor is working privately with the student using their knowledge learned from the curriculum and the Director to improve student learning. The staff will know additional information including details from teachers, and additional curriculum resources. They are in the best position to discuss how you, and the school personnel can help your student.

Q- What is the cost of tutoring?


A- After the free academic assessment (which identifies strengths and weaknesses), we discuss the results with you during the initial conference. During that meeting, we will schedule tutoring sessions and discuss payment. We have competitive hourly rates, such as $15/hour, and offer flexible payment options.