Students kindergarten through fifth grade go through important changes during their elementary years.  They learn to read then read to learn.  They are exposed to different subjects, expected to become independent learners.   Providing them with the tools they need to meet these challenges gives them the motivation, confidence, and skills to succeed in school and beyond.

At the Learning Center, we understand that early learning is very important.  We have designed our tutoring to meet their needs from learning to read, learning math facts, and helping with homework.  Elementary school tutoring is helpful for students to develop a strong learning foundation and gain confidence.  

We recommended students meet with the Director for a free assessment to determine their needs and so a clear educational pathway can be determined and then from there they are assigned a tutor.


High School

High school students are expected to juggle a demanding schedule and increasing homework as well as extracurricular activities. Students are directed toward career field choices and are expected to be thinking about life after high school. Where will they go to college? What will they major in? 
During this time changes are occurring both academically as well as socially. Keeping up with homework, tests, quizzes, and other things becomes important for the high schooler. Attention to detail and focus is highly expected. High students can really benefit from individual subject tutoring in the areas they are struggling with as well as preparation for college.
A tutor can help high school students keep up with the many assignments they are expected to complete and perform at a higher level academically. The Learning Center can help the high school student meet their academic goals while in high school as well as help better prepare them for college.

Middle School

Middle school is a great time for students. It is during this time that they are becoming more independent, forming opinions, building friendships, and developing more personalized interests. Students are now expected to navigate between teachers and classrooms, have less reminders for schoolwork and have a higher workload. The student may have more quizzes and tests, expected to become more proficient writers and juggle after school activities as well as schoolwork.
During this time, students may struggle with schoolwork and meeting deadlines. The Learning Center can help by providing a focus, help with difficult concepts, strengthen the areas of difficulty, and reiterate the very concepts that may have been missed in elementary school.
Many parents start looking at tutoring for their child at this stage as the schoolwork and activities begin to seem overwhelming. Our tutors are well equipped to address and handle these challenges a middle schooler might face in a classroom.
Our most common middle school program is homework help. However, we do have Dyslexic students in our Barton Reading and Spelling program as well to help students who are still having difficulty with reading.

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