ACT Prep and Special Testing

We offer programs to prepare students for the ACT. The ACT Prep Program focuses on a student's area of weakness. Students can choose to receive ACT one-to-one instruction, two-person instruction, or attend the ACT boot camps offered during the months the ACT is being administered. The boot camp focuses on math and test taking tips. However, students can sign up to get assistance in Science and Reading/Language as well.

The Learning Center is your tutoring solution for high school students who want to score higher on important college entrance and scholarship exams like the ACT. We can also help middle school students prepare for high school entrance exams, students who want to improve score on Advanced Placement (AP) and standardized state tests, and adults who are preparing for the GED.┬áTo make sure students are truly prepared for test day, we create a personalized one-to-one tutoring program designed around a student’s strengths and weaknesses.